We’re test driving the Mercedes S 550, and here are some of the first impressions. We haven’t finished our time in the vehicle, so we’ll be adding to this note as we go along. We also haven’t scheduled a time for airing a full review. So, this is a work in progress.

Mercedes S 550

Mercedes S 550

Obviously this is a beautiful vehicle, full of technology. The ride is silky smooth, and despite the large size, there’s not a bit of boatiness.

We’re still researching all of the atributes, so expect this to be updated.

The available technology includes night vision, backup camera, adapative cruise control. The onboard computer is not user friendly, but is much better than BMW’s I-drive.

This vehicle competes with the BMW 7-series, the Audi A8 (which has been redone) and the Lexus LS.

So far, neither Lincoln nor Cadillac has a vehicle that comptetes in this class, although there have been persistant rumors that Cadillac would like to be there.

People who pay 100 thousand plus for a vehicle like this expect the best, and so far I haven’t found anything that would be a glaring flaw.

If you own this vehicle, feel free to give me your feedback by commenting, or emailing me at jdgilbert@cbs.com.

More to come…a video walkaround is posted below.