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We had the opportunty to check out a brand new amphibious car. Here’s a video report


Ford Fiesta

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2010 Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

I’m taking a test drive of the new Ford Fiesta small car.  It’s a very important vehicle for Ford, and we’ll have a full review coming on July 9th.

Here are some initial impressions of the vehicle, starting with a quick video walk around.

Driving notes:

Overall, I’ve found the Fiesta to be a competent, cheerful small car.

It gives you an adequate amount of room in the front seat. I found the passenger compartment to be bright, airy and well laid out.

While it’s no speedster, it doesn’t lag on the highway either. And while it’s small, you don’t feel intimidated by the big trucks on the road.

One red flag is the lack of storage space inside the passenger compartment. There’s no center console, and the glove compartment is faily small.

I also found the audio system and some of the electronics in general to be less than user friendly.

I drove the hatchback. So, I can’t tell you whether there’s enough trunk room. The storage area in my test car was hidden from sight, but wasn’t exceptionally large.

More to come, as I spend more time in the Fiesta.